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Kiel week  The biggest event in Northern Germany with over three million visitors.

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Museen am Meer - seaside art & science

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Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

(concerts throughout Schleswig-Holstein)

Fördefestival (in Laboe (in German))

Baltic Open Air (in Schleswig (in German))

Reggae Festival (Pumpe Kiel (in German))

Wacken Open Air (Wacken near Itzehoe)

Tonder Festival (Tonder in Denmark close to Niebüll/Sylt)

Jazz Baltica (Timmendorfer Strand / Niendorf near Lübeck)




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University sport

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Kiel Sailing City

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Some tips what to see and what to do:

Without beaches Kiel wouldn´t be Kiel. On Kiel´s West bank, in the district of Friedrichsort, you find "Falckensteiner Strand". The sandy beach has only a few places where you can eat and drink and is otherwise left natural. A perfect spot to go swimming in the Kiel fjord, play in the sand or take a walk along the beach. Even dogs are welcome, they have their own beach-district. At the lighthouse at the southern end of the beach, you can watch the ships in the Kiel fjord at a very short distance. If you are up to more adventure, you can visit the high ropes course next to Falckensteiner Strand.
There are beaches all around Kiel fjord where you can go swimming and stroll along: Laboe, Heikendorf, Mönkeberg, Kitzeberg, Dietrichsdorf, Friedrichsort, Schilksee, Strande.

The river Schwentine is widely untouched. You can rent a boat / kayak, take a guided boat trip or hike along it´s banks (all the way to Preetz, if you like). If you are lucky you can see the European pond turtle, a king fisher or a ring snake. Ride the bus to the station "Wellingdorf" in the center of the city district of Wellingdorf on Kiel´s East bank. It´s just a few steps from there.  

Kiels´ Aquarium is located at the downtown waterfront in the building of GEOMAR at Kiellinie. Here you can see the wildlife from the Baltic sea but also more exotic creatures. Read more

If you want to find a park in Kiel, that is close to your home, you best use the online city map. Click on the button "Freizeit & Sport" in the menue to the left and then on the button "Grünanlagen & Parks" and you will see all the parks in Kiel. Online City Map

Botanical Garden
Visit the botanical garden of Kiel University. Here you can explore thousands of plants, climb the Alpinarium or watch the "Titanwurz", the biggest flower on earth. Read more (in German)

Zoological Museum
Do you want to meet the giants of the sea or explore colourful and exotic creatures? Then visit the Zoological Museum of Kiel University in an extraordinary Martin Gropius building. Read more

Green Screen Festival
The Green Screen Festival exists since 2007 and is the biggest International Nature Film Festival in Germany. It takes place each year in September and is located about a half an hours drive north of Kiel in the town of Eckernförde. Read more