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Districts close to campus

The main campus of Kiel University is located in the district of Ravensberg, on the west bank . The Faculty of Engineering is located in the district of Gaarden on the east bank.

Close to the campus and city center are the districts of Ravensberg, Brunswik, Damperhof, Wik and the areas around Blücherplatz, Exerzierplatz and Schrevenpark.

In these areas,  you will find mostly apartment houses. Some of the apartments are within old and traditional buildings with plenty of character  (built before WWII).  These residential areas are favored by families and students. Kiel University is easily accessible by bicycle.

Close to Kiel Fjord is Düsternbrook, a more exclusive residential area. Düsternbrooker Gehölz, is an urban forest which is situated alongside Kiel Fjord.

Kronshagen, a suburb of Kiel, also borders the main campus.