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Initial overview: Kiel city

aerial photograph kiel week
Aerial photograph of Kiel Fjord  © Frank Paul

Kiel Fjord (Kieler Förde) is a unique piece of nature that stretches right into the heart of the city center. The Baltic Sea divides Kiel into two shores, the east bank (Ostufer) and the west bank (Westufer).  

On the west bank, the Kiel-Canal flows through the city, dividing it into "north of the canal" and "south of the canal".

As the worlds busiest artificial waterway, the Kiel-Canal (known in Germany as the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal), runs for almost 100 km right through Schleswig-Holstein and connects the North Sea to the Baltic Sea.

The main campus of Kiel University is located on the west bank, south of the canal, in the district of Ravensberg.
The Faculty of Engineering (except the department of Computer Science) is located on the east bank in the district of Gaarden.


You can find more information about Kiel here: Welcome to Kiel

Watch the Kiel image film here (German Page).


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Bicycle tours for new Kiel inhabitants (Neubürger Fahrradtouren) are offered via the ADFC: click here (German page)

Use the ship to get around the Kiel Fjord: Kiel tug and ferry company (SFK)